"Walk a mile in my shoes."

This is what some people say when they are suffering from chronic pain. When that pain is relieved, the whole face of things change. Among those changes are improved family relationships. That is why these clients are in a hurry to tell you about their experience with massage therapy and massage cupping therapy available at Nicki's Magic Touch. The testimonials below will give you an idea of what people experience, both in quickness and in magnitude regarding their relief.

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I have been going to the doctor for knee pain and he told me I needed injections in the joint to get relief from pain. It has been about 18 months and five injections and my pain never got any better. Since coming to Nicki, I have never felt better in my life! Seems like I'm a new person. My chest was hurting and now it feels better, my knee feels great as well as my back.

Irene M.

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I have been having back pain for a very long time. Nothing seemed to help the pain. Since receiving Nicki's corrective muscle therapy, I can move and not hurt. I can bend. This is amazing

Carol L.

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I have been suffering for years with pain. I was told the only possible treatment was cortisone shots for my back, elbows, shoulders, and neck. I have had low back pain for many years. My knees were cracking too. Since coming to Nicki, they are now better. This time I refused cortisone shots to try the Rossiter Technique provided by Nicki. It was amazing to me to realize how quick the results were. The results were immediate!

Joe Y.

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